Brielle Will is a formally trained photojournalist who started out as the sole photographer and reporter for a startup independent newspaper in rural BC, which extended to further work with independents in Alberta. Her passion for storytelling and working closely with people inspired her to take on the intertwining pursuit and great challenge of a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. With the culmination of her experience and education, her work aims to provide intimate insight of human connections, as well as growth and community in rural and northern areas of Canada.

It is my goal to work in underserved rural areas of Canada. I hope my knowledge and skills in healthcare, visual journalism, writing, and ethics will allow for continued exploration and development in rural Canada.
Core interests remain in promotion of health and wellness, advocacy for populations in remote regions, and long-term documentation of development and connection to such areas.

www.briellewill.com – published documentary, news, and feature work
www.photography.briellewill.com – editorial, wedding, portraiture, and family work with the same journalistic style

September 2016 – Present; Nursing Student Association – Executive Secretary and Newsletter

January 2016 – January 2017; Lethbridge Astronomy Society Publication, Editor

January 2014 – Present; University Of Lethbridge, BScN

2010 – 2012; Elk Valley Herald, Sole photojournalist and reporter (archives)

2010 – 2012; Crowsnest Pass Herald, Freelance Photographer (archives)

2011 – 2012; Koocanusa Publications & Kootenay Business magazine, Primary photographer for the Elk Valley region

2009; Southern Alberta Institute of Technology – Diploma of Journalism Arts, Major Photojournalism

2009; Foundry Photojournalism Workshop, Documentary and Media workshop (Ami Vitale), Minali, India

2009; Whitehorse Star, Photojournalist internship

Accolades, Scholarships, and Grants

David Suzuki Foundation – 1st place photo “Moment of Zen”, 2014

Louise McKinney Scholarship – Superior academic achievement, nominated by University of Lethbridge, 2015 – 16

Anna Jean Harris Nursing Scholarship – Academic achievement and demonstration of healthy lifestyle and compassion for others, 2015 – 16

Altalink Centennial Annual Scholarship – Superior academic achievement and leadership qualities, 2015 -16

Dennis & Sylvia Chinner Scholarship – Academic achievement and rural community involvement, 2015 -16

Jason Lang Scholarship, 2015, 2016

Alexander Rutherford Scholarship, 2015, 2016


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