Camp Horizon

For three months, it was a privilege to have worked at Easter Seals Camp Horizon, a summer camp for both kids and adults with unique stories and needs. There were so many incredible, beautiful, rad people with nothing but energy and warmth and love for what they were doing. From morning until night, every other moment offered reminders of any person’s great potential, resilience, ability to experience joy, adventure, and willingness to care and help others. At the end of every day, any exhaustion, self-doubt, frustrations all seemed far away and were quickly trumped by a heart filled with gratitude, brimming with happiness and a fresh perspective for the next day.

I cannot count the reasons why camp was the best job I will ever have.
The amazing relationships and energizing people are the most important and most memorable. As a counsellor, every new week brings a fresh focus on building these relationships and creating memories.
I almost always had my camera at my hip (though it was sometimes an extra load on top of water-bottles and sunscreen for everyone) and was able to catch some of these moments. I hope these images portray even a minute amount of those 9 weeks.

I am thankful for the hilarious and amazing games, midnight conversations, water fights, dances, fireworks, puddle jumps, camping, sign language lessons, costumes, campfires, rivers and mountains, mountainous moments, truths or dares, and after parties. I wish I had found camp when I was in my younger years so I could have spent even more time there over the years, but I can’t wait to go back.

See you at camp,