High River, AB – Flood 2013

The weekend  of  July 13th, 2013, my family came together (those in town and available) in High River as my Aunt and Uncle were able to enter their home in Wallaceville for the first time since the flood. Strangers came in to help move a cherished and very heavy (looking) piano. Neighbours came and visited. Volunteers came and checked in on supplies and to feed everyone. The boys dug through dirt for star wars toys.
I continued to be blown away by everyones ongoing generosity and amazed by the overall high spirited dispositions of those affected when surrounded with so much work ahead of them.
The Telfer house will likely never be lived in again, but working through all of the mud, and salvageable and non-salvageable items together was a great way to revive our beloved childhood “cousin camp” – Something we all looked forward to every summer when we were young.
Memories can become displaced, neglected, and jumbled, but when it is all you might have, along with the company of good people, it is good to know not everything is gone when you (or those you love) have to start fresh.